• 1Application∙Registration
    for Intellectual Properties

    In order to ensure that the valuable intellectual creations of our clients are safely protected, we provide services
    in applying for intellectual property rights in patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs, OA responses, trials,
    lawsuits, and registration.

  • 2Investigation∙Analysis
    for Intellectual Properties

    We provide research and analysis related to intellectual property rights, such as preceding IP research related
    to clients' businesses, IP research of competitors, analaysis on registration possibility, patent infringement analysis,
    and patent trend analysis.

  • 3Advisory∙Dispute
    for Intellectual Properties

    We provide IP advisory services such as deriving avoidance designs for competitors' IPs and deriving attack IPs,
    and IP dispute response services such as filing on objections, trials on judging the scope of rights, trials on judging
    invalidity, preparing and sending a warning letter, and preparing and sending an answer to a warning letter.

  • 4Assistance in acquiring
    overseas IP rights

    On the strength of experiences and expertise stored in practice of overseas IP areas for more than twenty years,
    KS KORYO INTERNATIONAL IP LAW FIRM to provide Clients with the very best customer services as a leading IP law
    firm specialized in overseas patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, responses to office actions and
    registration of IP rights and IP translations.